Xtreme Carwash in Chula Vista

Zigman/Shields is proud to announce that we have been awarded the prime contract to build the Extreme Carwash at 1266 Third Avenue in Chula Vista. The 3 million dollar project will feature a 160 foot full service carwash tunnel, the longest tunnel in San Diego County, with 22 vacuum stalls, a commercial dog wash and a Mexican Restaurant. The proposed improvements will be constructed on a 34,000 square foot lot. The carwash facility is 5,080 square feet and equipped with Mac Neil carwash tunnel components combined with state of the art, Aqua-Bio Environmental Technologies™ water-reclamation filtration system, designed to store and filter 10,000 gallons of water at its full capacity. This filtration system was made to filter water to a near 100% of its original purity to produce super clean washes. Customers can get a superb carwash and will be delighted to sit down to dine at Alberto’s Mexican Restaurant. The facility will also include two dog wash stations so don’t forget to bring your dogs!