Arroyo Verde Shopping Center



Zigman/Shields breaks ground in Oceanside for the Arroyo Verde Shopping Center! The proposed project includes site development, offsite improvements and construction of four retail buildings totaling 28,400 square feet of retail and food service lease space. There will be ample ground level parking and aesthetically pleasing patio areas for visitors’ convenience and enjoyment. The improvements will be constructed on a 5 acre parcel bordered at the east and west by native landscape of Oceanside. We are working with Schaefer Ecological Solutions, the project ecologist, to take the appropriate measures of preserving and enhancing the existing vegetation and habitat adjacent to the site. Educational signs depicting the surrounding nature will be accessible to people who are interested in the beautiful nature surrounding the area.  We are excited to be a part of improving the city of Oceanside with the Arroyo Verde Shopping center; we are looking at a fall opening for the shopping center.